Can Your Product Become A Hot Selling Kindle Book?
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Can Your Product Become A Hot Selling Kindle Book?

It’s disheartening to spend weeks creating the perfect product that people don’t buy.

You were sure it would be a hot seller, yet your sales are nowhere to be found.

Now imagine you’re writing a book for Kindle, hoping that Amazon and readers alike will love it enough to make it a bestseller.

The criteria that make a hot selling product isn’t all that different from what’s needed to make a Kindle book fly off of Amazon.

What Are The Criteria That Make A Product Sell?

1: You’ve got to be in a pre-existing market.

Even if you want to carve out a new niche within that market, it still must be contained in a market where people are actively looking for information and solutions.

2: Your market must be willing to pay.

You can create the best book or product in the world on your topic, but if the information is readily found for free, or if the market simply isn’t willing to pay for it, then you won’t make sales.

3: Low enough competition.

Even with the hungriest of markets, if there is too much competition then it’s going to be difficult to get your book or product seen.

A product called, “How to lose weight” will die before it’s born because there are simply too many other products in the market.

But if you carve out a niche within a niche – “How to Lose Weight for Cat Lovers Only,” then you’ve got a shot.

(Holy cow, I thought I was being silly with that lose weight/cat lovers idea, but now that I think about it… maybe not. Let me know if you turn this idea into a product!)

Okay, that’s the basic minimum criteria for whether or not your book or product has a shot at bestseller status.

Assuming your product meets all three of those requirements, you might want to consider turning your product into a Kindle book.

Why Should You Turn Your Product Into A Kindle Book?

“Why oh why would you turn a (for example) $200 product into a $10 kindle book? Wouldn’t you lose money doing something so foolish?”

In most cases, no.

If you have a product you’re no longer actively promoting, it might gain new life and a new audience by being converted into a Kindle book.

If you have a new product and you want to increase your reach and sales, a book that covers a portion of the product – think of it as an introduction – can be an excellent sales tool.

If you’re trying to reach a certain audience, let’s say golfers, and you have a dozen golfing products to offer, turning one of those products into a Kindle book can bring in new customers who then buy your other, more expensive products.

If your product offers things that can’t be put in a book, such as software, tools or coaching, then offering a simple book is an awesome introduction way to sell your main course with all the whistles and bells.

There are many, many reasons to convert your product into a Kindle book, but it all boils down to one main reason – reaching a bigger audience in order to expand your customer base.

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