Course: How To Grow And Expand A Non Profit in 90 Days
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Course: How To Grow And Expand A NonProfit in 90 Days

Many nonprofit organizations never reach their full potential because of either a lack of funding, a low performing board of directors, lack of resources, or challenges with programming.

The HillChase LLC course for leaders of Nonprofits will enable leaders to increase revenue rapidly and have maximum impact. 

Inside the course, it walks leaders through the top four funding strategies to see the financial success desired within nonprofit organizations.

Leaders will also learn how to develop a winning Board of Directors, develop robust programming, and many other areas to support the growth and sustainability of a Nonprofit.

Nonprofit leaders will also learn how to write winning proposals, all in a self-paced format.

The course creator, Derrick Hill, has helped thousands of nonprofit organizations, large and small, new start-ups, and organizations that have been operating for years, to scale and become highly successful.

Derrick has been one of the major forces behind some of the most successful Nonprofits in the Nation, including the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, Rickey Smiley Foundation, Chef G. Garvin, and more, as well as some notable giants in the Nonprofit sector, including but not limited to the Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, United Way, and many others.

As a bonus, the course also offers sample funding proposals, lifetime unlimited access to resources designed to support the growth of any Nonprofit Organization, and a complimentary Grant Directory with more than 1,000 Foundations and Corporations that provide grant funding.

Leaders of nonprofits will learn step-by-step how to increase funding for any nonprofit organization using the four proven strategies used by most successful nonprofit organizations.

The best part is leaders of Nonprofits can be able to implement it right away. Course enrollment can be located at profit

Since 2012, HillChase has been helping leaders of nonprofits of all sizes to increase revenue, develop a winning board of directors, and maximize impact nationwide.

course for non profits
Course: How To Grow And Expand A Non Profit in 90 Days

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