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Double Your Conversions With This Hidden Sales Letter

If you’ve read enough spy stories, you’ve seen how messages can be hidden within messages.

Maybe every 14th word on the page spells out the location of buried treasure, or the first letter on every page spells the time and date when they break out of prison, or…

You get the idea.

Frankly, what I’m about to reveal isn’t that clever. This hidden sales letter is actually hiding in plain sight for anyone to see, and yet most people will never realize exactly how or why this ‘hidden’ message has convinced them to buy your product.

And in fact, this simple trick is so effective at increasing conversions, I had to think twice before I shared it.

After all, do I really want to reveal my very best secrets to the world?

And then I thought, why not? No matter how many people do this, I don’t think it will ever decrease its effectiveness.

I’m going to assume you know what a sales letter looks like… a generally long piece of copy that hooks the reader with a great headline and hopefully takes them on a journey from, “I’ve never heard of this product” to “I want to buy this product now!!”

And you already know what subheadlines are – those smaller headlines found throughout copy that catch the eye and keep the visitor on the page and reading.

Your hidden sales letter is going to be made up of those subheadlines.

In other words, if you removed all of the copy except for the subheadlines, it would not only make sense, it would also sell the product for you.

Here’s a down and dirty super quick example:

  • This is the Exact Technique I used to Launch my Million Dollar Business
  • It’s all About Getting the Right Traffic to Your Offer
  • Without a Steady Stream of Visitors Who Buy Your Product, Your Business is Doomed
  • Driving Traffic is Harder than Ever, Unless You Do This
  • 1,000 Visitors, 300 New Subscribers and 25 Sales Per Day, Every Day
  • This Works No Matter What You’re Selling
  • You Can Ramp it Up Anytime You Choose
  • Your Product can Go from Completely Unknown to a Household Name in 6 Months
  • Getting Started is Super Easy, No Experience Needed

Really, do you even NEED the copy between the subheadlines when you use this technique?

Actually, yes. While some people won’t need much more than the subheadlines and a good idea of what they’re buying, others will want all the little details in between.

And everyone will be much more likely to read your sales copy and buy your product if you use this ‘hidden sales letter’ technique.