How To Make Money Flipping Websites - 7 Easy Steps
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How To Make Money Flipping Websites – 7 Easy Steps

I have a friend who earns $2,000 to $4,000 working at most 8 hours a month, flipping websites.

He is not building the sites – he just locates the sites and looks for people to buy them.

So basically, he is acting as an agent.

7 Easy Steps To Make Money Flipping Websites

Here’s how simple it is:

Step 1: Choose A Niche And Start Your Research.

In that niche, find 5-10 competitive keywords that average 5,000 or more searches every month.

Perform a search for each keyword and identify the sites ranking on page 1 and 2 of the search results for those keywords.

Step 2: Eliminate The Big, Authoritative Sites.

Your aim is to find sites that are not quite popular and have a relatively small following.

Make a list of all the sites showing potential for growth and check out the traffic using a site like

By doing this, your aim is to identify sites with at least $1,000 in traffic a month on and a minimum of about 3,000 visitors a month.

Step 3: Contact The Site Owner.

Once you have a list of sites that suit these conditions, send the owners of the site an email.

You should find contact details on the contact us page, or you can conduct a check.

In the email, start by telling them you like their site, and you are interested in buying it.

Some will reach out to you, while others will not.

Even if they don’t answer the first time, send a second email.

Do not send a third email if they fail to reply.

You don’t need all of them to reply, just a couple of them and you are set to go.

Step 4: Request Site Stats.

Request that they give you a verified Google Analytics proof of traffic and a proof of income.

Negotiate the price based on that proof.

Generally, a reasonable selling price should fall between 8-12 times the average monthly income, but you should negotiate the best deal you can get.

Let them know that you are not the one who will buy the website, but you have a list of stable clients who purchase websites and you are just acting on their behalf.

If you want to make it formal, you can get an option to buy the site in a given period of time- 90 days is a good place to start.

You will need to pay a small amount of money as a deposit, maybe $100, to secure this option.

Step 5: Find A Buyer For The Website.

You can look for buyers on sites such as eBay, Flippa, etc.

Obviously, you must make a profit by selling the website for more than you are paying.

Step 6: Organize Your Transactions.

Use or PayPal to do your transaction. is better since it has a broker’s function, but you can start with PayPal.

Step 7: Be Patient.

Although some deals will happen easily and quite fast, others will take time, while others will never happen.

Learn as you go and remember to have fun.

After you learn the ropes, this can turn into a full-time income.

There is no doubt that there are details you will need to fine-tune along the way.

Nonetheless, this is a great formula that you can use to make extra cash.

If you do it right and are proactive, you can make a living with it.


If you’re looking for a way to make money, flipping websites might be the answer.

This article has covered 7 easy steps that will lead you to success in this endeavor.

You’ll need patience and persistence when it comes to finding good deals,but if done right, making a living with these sites is possible!

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