How To Repurpose Content For SEO: A Quick Tip

How To Repurpose Content For SEO: A Quick Tip

Here’s a quick tip on how to get free traffic from Google simply by repurposing the content and tailoring it to specific niches.

Let’s say you wrote an authority piece on how to start a profitable blog.

You go through all the steps from finding a niche to making posts and earning money.

You work hard on this article and you’re proud of it.

To leverage your work and get free traffic, you’re now going to tailor your article to different niches.

For example:

  • “How to start a pet blog”
  • “How to start a home health care blog”
  • “How to start a travel blog”
  • “How to start an investing blog”

and so forth.

90% or more of your content will stay the same for each post.

All you have to do is change a few things and change your keywords so that each new post is customized to the niche.

Now when someone searches for, “How to start a pet blog,” the odds of your post coming to the top of Google has increased dramatically because your title and content are an exact match for the search.

Of course, you’ll want to optimize each blog post for search just like you did on the original post.

One more thing:

Because each post is ultra-niche specific, you might want to contact appropriate social media groups, too, and get the word out.

For example, certain Facebook groups for pet parents would be highly interested to know you’ve written a comprehensive piece on how they can start their own pet blog.

Bonus points if you offer each post in a nicely formatted PDF edition that can be downloaded in exchange for their email address, too.

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