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How To Write Your First Kindle Book In 30 Days

My 89 successful books on Kindle, across a range of topics, have enabled me to create this complete guide to everything you need to be successful as a published Kindle author.

In addition, by following the plan, you can have your very first Kindle book accepted and published in 30 days – or less – from now.

Sections include:

  • Choosing your topic
  • Series? Or not?
  • Book title
  • Organizing your ideas
  • Creating content without typing
  • Productivity tools
  • Tips for writing more in less time
  • Organizing your book
  • Making your book super ‘sticky’
  • Editing your book
  • Publishing your book
  • Legal stuff
  • Your book cover
  • Book series
  • Images inside your book
  • Formatting your manuscript
  • Pen names
  • Using other people’s quotes
  • Preparing your book for Kindle
  • Marketing
  • List building for authors
  • Book reviews are not optional
  • Writing your bio
  • Your thank you page
  • Finding your book’s category on Amazon
  • How do you research possible categories for your book
  • Pricing your book
  • Kindle magic pricing
  • How to make a best seller

What you will learn:

  • Discover how to write more – but in less time!
  • Learn the best way to produce your book cover!
  • Discover how to easily format your manuscript!
  • Learn the pro’s and the con’s of using a pen name!
  • Discover the most effective way to write your personal bio!
  • Learn the professional way to organize your ideas!
  • Discover the most important proven facts to price your books for maximum sales and maximum profits!
  • Learn the best way to grow a mailing list – this sells more books!
  • Discover the system professionals use to research possible categories!
  • Learn exactly why you should always consider your first book as part of a series!
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