The Best Ways To Hire And Work With A Virtual Assistant
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The Best Ways To Hire And Work With A Virtual Assistant

As a business owner, you may be wondering if now is the time to hire a virtual assistant.

In these unprecedented times, many businesses have had to close their doors.

However, there are a few industries that have seen growth in this time of crisis – one of those industries is virtual assistance.

Due to the pandemic, remote work has grown by leaps and bounds.

This means that hiring a virtual assistant is more feasible than ever before.

Here are some reasons why:

-A virtual assistant can help with tasks that are difficult or impossible for you to do from home

-They can take on duties that would normally consume your time and energy

-A VA can help you manage your workload so that you can streamline your operations

So, now is a great time to hire a virtual assistant.

Here are some statistics to back that up:

-70% of virtual assistants reported an increase in inbound inquiries in 2020.

-45% increased their hourly workload in 2020.

-Labor statistics showed a 41% increase in the hiring of virtual assistants through offshore agencies.

All this means is that there’s no reason not to consider hiring a virtual assistant! They can help with everything from customer service and bookkeeping to social media and website management.

You have more alternatives if you’re looking for remote help. You may, however, need assistance in making your decisions. Brush up on the latest guidelines for dealing with a virtual assistant. 

How To Hire A Virtual Assistant: What You Need to Know 

Consult An Agency.

Hiring decisions may have a major influence on your company, so if you lack experience, you might be more comfortable with an agency. They’ll locate competent individuals and do interviews for a fee.

Hire A Virtual Assistant Yourself.

You can save money by handling the process yourself, on the other hand.

Do it all yourself by scouring the internet for freelancers and interviewing them over Skype or Zoom.

You’ll need to do some research first but this could be cheaper than hiring someone from an agency and still save time in the long run.

Use Online Platforms.

Virtual assistants are frequently employed through websites like Upwork and Fiverr. You may have to wade through hundreds of applicants, but when you need help, it is there for you right away.

Search Locally.

Use local job postings and word of mouth to find someone who is nearby.

This way, you can find someone locally who is willing to work remotely as your virtual assistant at a fraction of the cost of what agencies charge (or even free).

Think Ahead.

However, regardless of who you hire, keep your future needs in mind.

Look for individuals who may be able to take on additional responsibility and help you expand your business. 

How To Work With A Virtual Assistant: 9 Tips

Clarify Your Expectations.

Working with a virtual assistant can be a great way to get things done, but there are some important things to keep in mind.

Clarify expectations upfront- make sure everyone is on the same page about what is expected of the virtual assistant.

Misunderstandings can arise among colleagues in the same office, so it’s especially important to be specific about required tasks and goals when working with someone remotely.

Set boundaries related to spending limits and confidential information.

And most importantly, have fun!

Virtual assistants can be a great asset, but only if both parties feel comfortable and happy with the arrangement.

Document Procedures And Routines.

Working with a virtual assistant can be a great way to free up time to focus on more important tasks.

However, it’s important to make sure that all procedures and routines are documented so that there is no confusion.

Having how-to manuals and video tutorials can be a great way to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

It’s also a good way to monitor progress and ensure that everything is being done correctly.

Invest In Technology.

For any business owner looking to take their company’s efficiency and productivity to the next level, investing in tools is an absolute must.

Shop for software that lets you edit documents and manage projects.

Technology will make collaboration easier so invest in tools.

If you’re struggling to decide which tool would best suit your needs, consult with your virtual assistant who has experience providing these services or speak with professionals at various companies that produce these products for more information about what they offer.

Once you find something worth investing in, don’t wait!

Start using it right away to see the difference it can make in your company’s productivity.

Make Sure That You Communicate On A Regular Basis.

When you don’t run into each other in the hallways and breakroom, maintaining touch may necessitate a more strategic approach.

At least once a week, schedule one-on-one meetings.

Discuss how to contact you with critical and non-urgent messages.

Encourage Your Virtual Assistant To Ask Questions

New employees may feel compelled to demonstrate their competence.

Let them know that you’d be glad to answer any questions they might have.

Give Them Your Feedback.

Giving feedback is one of the most difficult parts of managing a remote team.

There are many different ways to do it, depending on what type of business owner you are and how much time you have in your day for this task.

Always give specific examples when giving feedback to show that you are aware of the problem at hand.

Follow through with changes your virtual assistant needs to make, even if it’s not easy for you.

If they don’t see that you are willing to help them improve, they may become discouraged or think their work isn’t valuable.

Keep yourself accountable so your team can succeed and you can build the best team possible.

Start Small.

Virtual assistants also require onboarding.

If at all feasible, ease them into their new responsibilities bit by bit and assist them connect with the big picture.

Make their initial task something easy for them to accomplish.

Respect Their Time.

Your virtual assistant may be busy or you might be one of many clients.

Make the most of your time together by being prepared for the hours they’ll spend with you.

Build Morale.

Team spirit has more to do with the quality of your relationship than shared business addresses.

Make a friendly atmosphere and encourage two-way conversations.

Give your new assistant their own company email address and send them a coffee cup with your logo on it.


Virtual assistants are a wonderful way to leverage your time and capabilities.

They can help you with administrative tasks, freeing up more of your day for strategic thinking in order to grow your business.

They also work well when it comes to things like research or scheduling meetings – taking the pressure off so that you don’t have to do this yourself making sure all of those pesky little details are taken care of before they become big problems.

When you’re working with a virtual assistant, it’s important to remember that they’re an extension of your team.

If you follow the tips above, you will be able to work with your virtual assistants successfully and expand your business quicker and easier.

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