What Is “Bro Marketing?”

What Is “Bro Marketing?”

Bro marketing refers to:

  • Hard selling without offering real substantial value to the customer
  • Selling by manipulation
  • Over selling and under delivering
  • Sending out 10 emails a day
  • Claiming there are only 25 copies of the PDF left
  • Treating customers like they’re nothing but numbers
  • Focusing on quantity over quality
  • Leaving the customer feeling duped after their purchase

Bro marketing happens when a marketer thinks almost exclusively about themselves and making as much money as fast as possible, rather than delivering value to the customer.

Bro marketing is the icky stuff you want to avoid if you want a long-term business.

What can you focus on instead?


  • Be of service
  • Build relationships
  • Help people to make the best decision for themselves
  • Become known as a trusted resource

Okay, maybe all of that isn’t so simple.

But it is the way to build a long-term business with customers who return time and time again to purchase from you.

And it will keep people on social media from labeling you a ‘bro’ marketer, too.

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