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Why Being In A Crowded Market Is Good For Your Business

You go to the swap meet, growers’ market, flea market or whatever it’s called in your country in other words a crowded market.

You know the place I mean … all these different sellers in booths selling anything and everything.

The place is booming.

Sellers everywhere, customers everywhere, not much room to walk, people with their arms full of treasures as they continue to hunt for even more.

Let’s say you want to sell stuff, too.

But you want to avoid the crowded market so you set up a booth on the other side of the street or maybe the other side of town.

How’s business?

Probably pretty bad.

In a crowded market, you’ve already got an audience.

You just need to get yourself seen by those people when they walk by.

But if you’re in a market all by yourself, you’ve got to bring the people in before you can even start selling to them.

That’s why I’d rather find a way to stand out in a crowded market than try to start a brand new one.

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